Rapid-Response Troubleshooting, Installation and Repair for Any Hardware or Software with Arrival Times in as Little as 4 Hours.

We provide on-demand field support to over 200 countries globally, 24/7, with simple hourly pricing and no usage minimums, making it easier to do business.


Whether you need on-site repair, troubleshooting or installation, requesting a technician dispatched to your location has never been easier. All dispatches are manned from our 24/7 Dispatch Operations Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, and you can choose any of our three request methods that work best for you:

1. Ticketing System
Login using to your customized ticketing system using this link: http://cp.techconnectservices.com/auth/login
You can submit your request, watch the progress and view your deliverables upon completion.

2. Email
Download the Dispatch Request Template, fill it out and send it via email to your customized direct email distribution.

3. Phone
Onboarded customers can call (844) 688-8324, Option 1, to speak to one of our Dispatch Coordinators, who will create a trouble ticket for you and provide updates, including the ticket number and dispatch details via phone or email, depending on your preference.

Technician & Emergency Calls

For your convenience, we provide the following descriptions of our technicians, so you know exactly the skillets and toolkit to expect.

Please contact your Dispatch Team for exact pricing.

Technician Level 1
Cabling Technician
  • Performs troubleshooting & repair for routine wireline and wireless pathway issues, plus standard LAN appliance MACDs
  • Low voltage cable, fiber or 110VAC installation experience
  • Basic experience in HW diagnosis and software loading
  • Asset inventory and basic site surveys
  • Usually will work with direct supervision but can work self-directed.
Typical Tool Kit:

Cell phone, label maker, basic toolbox, 5-ft. ladder, butt-set, punch down tool, tone generator, RJ11/45 crimp tool, fish tape, zip ties, loop-back plug

Technician Level 2
Network Technician All abilities of Technician Level 1, plus:
  • Advanced understanding of O/S and HW diagnosis and software troubleshooting
  • Able to install edge routing HW
  • Can perform advanced troubleshooting diagnostics and site surveys
  • Network professional certifications from various HW/SW OEMs
Typical Tool Kit:

All of Technician Level 1, plus laptop, USB-DP9 adaptor, console cable, advanced testing & diagnostic tools

Technician Level 3
Network Engineer All abilities of Technician Level 2, plus:
  • Possesses HW/SW specific credentials and experience
  • Has certifications and more extensive experience with troubleshooting, analysis, network design, used when specific certification is required (Avaya, Cisco, etc.)
Typical Tool Kit:

All of Technician Levels 1 and 2, plus fiber optic tester, cable certifier, wireless spectrum, other specified test-set

You will also need to select an Urgency Level for your dispatch.

This will determine when you expect a technician to arrive on site. Normal Business Hours (NBH) are defined as 8:00AM thru 5:00PM local site time. There are three levels of urgency to choose from, and each may be requested during or after NBH. In lieu of the following, just telling us exactly when you expect the technician to arrive will automatically assign a criticality to your request.

Technician arrives in 48+ hours
Uplift Multiplier: No Uplift
Technician arrives in 24-47 hours
Uplift Multiplier: 1.5 x Hourly Rate
Technician arrives in 4-23 hours
Uplift Multiplier: 2.0 x Hourly Rate

Client Responsibilities

There are a few things that the Client needs to do to ensure that TechConnect can expedite the entire process.

  • Notify site personnel that a TechConnect Technician will be arriving on-site to perform troubleshooting and repair services. You may alternatively allow us to notify the POC on your behalf
  • Ensure open access to the site so problems may be edpeditiously resolved
  • Inform TechConnect of all environmental factors affecting a site (hazardous materials, exposed high voltage wiring, construction, etc.)
  • Notify TechConnect as soon as possible when cancellation is required, a cancellation fee may apply if notice is given within 24-48 hours before the scheduled date and time.

To Speak with One of Our Qualified Sales Support Representatives, Reach Out to Our Sales Team:
(844) 688-8324, Option 2